The Compleat Gardener sprang from idea to reality as spring 1981 began to rise tenuously from winter's muddy feet when two avid gardeners, Elizabeth Bowman and Cynthia Poten, saw the lack of qualified service available in the Delaware Valley around Lambertville. There were many landscapers but no actual gardeners to be hired who could distinguish weed from perennial or who knew how to prepare a garden bed correctly, so The Compleat Gardener emerged as a company ready to design, plant and maintain perennial borders. The name we chose reflects our past specialty of English Border Gardens which has broadened considerably. Cynthia has gone on to other pursuits but I remain with a small crew of highly qualified gardeners to create beauty around homes.

Every one of our gardens is unique, reflecting the needs and preferences of the homeowner. I like to see us as the channel through which your garden manifests, the hands painting your picture. Many of our customers like to work side-by-side in the garden with us and we enjoy it as much as they do. In designing we will provide paper plans for those who desire same but in most cases we let the garden evolve as preferences become evident, allowing for the serendipitous and unexpected issues such as dog trails.

The Compleat Gardener has always practiced organic gardening techniques avoiding all poisonous products, instead using natural solutions such as lady bugs and nematodes so your landscape is always safe for children and pets to play in. We love to work with natural materials and are adept at placing rustic walks and rebuilding dry stone walls. We use native and non-invasive materials and have experience with naturalized wooded areas, perennial borders, herb gardens, cutting gardens and more. I do feel that a vegetable garden needs to have a more intimate connection with those who would eat its food but we don't mind preparing it for you.

The Compleat Gardener has a policy of only maintaining gardens in which we have had creative input and are not available just as a maintenance crew. We do have some references for those who do, however. Schedules are tailored to the needs of each customer and we are always very flexible. Our services include consultation and coaching which you will find described in detail on our Fee Schedule.

Elizabeth Ludlow Bowman
The Compleat Gardener
Lambertville, N.J.
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Garden Consultation, Design, Installation, Maintenance and Coaching We also build dry stack walls and simple garden paths

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